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About Us



Reward based crowdfunding is an awakening force in fundraising for dream projects, creative business and innovative ideas that are passion-driven. Reward based crowdfunding is refers to fundraising in the form of contributions are exchanged for current or future of goods or service.


Businesses and non-profits of all sizes post projects on a reward based crowdfunding platform, targeting a certain amount of capital to raise. It is the pooling small amounts of money from a large number of individuals to fund a project. Project creator initiated the project and getting people to support and help, and then get the required funding, in the return supporters will be received products, service and others different form of return. Find out how it works at :


ABOUT US : is a platform to fund for cafe, restaurant, hotel and agro-tourism business. People all over the world are willing to pledge in money to make the projects and ideas happen if they think it is worthwhile.


Each project at is independently created and crafted by the person behind it –these peoples are known as the project creators.


Project creators are basically, entrepreneurs, orchard owners, authors, musicians and designers and they have complete control and responsibility over their projects. Project creators actively share their stories out so that the project would gain awareness, interest and hopefully, action from public during the project campaign.


Reward based crowdfunding is not just a means for immediate funds. Rather, it’s a way to validate ideas, test markets, build your community, launch brands, fund customers and impress your existing customer.


If you are willing to support the other people’s dreams, you can browse all awesome projects launched at You also can become a partner sponsor of the dreams and projects, when you witness the success of the project together, you will receive thank you reward from the project creator. These rewards may range from a personalized thank you note to a limited edition product from project creator as a thank you to their backers.


Reward based crowdfunding now is so hot that corporate giants likes General Electric (GE) are looking for a way in. Popular e-commerce platform like Tao Bao also providing reward based crowdfunding platform service. Reward based crowdfunding is an extremely disruptive, new way of going to market that blends market research and product development.





To be an interactive reward based crowdfunding platform that launching creative projects with special and interesting rewards.



1.To provide a platform for peoples to fund and share their creative business and ideas.

2.To charities providing helps for those in need.



1.More efficient and low risk way to fund business/creative ideas.

2.Penetrate new market and generate new customer base.

3.Validate and launching of new products/service.

4.Create awareness and market outreach of your product/service.

5.Provide special interesting and creative rewards to public.