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Important Tips For Project Campaign



1. Interesting and creative reward inspiration


A remarkable reward is one of the best way to encourage your crowdfunding project getting pledged. It's always good to offer copies of what you're making, prototype of your product, studio visit, and things like T-shirts. But extra-imaginative rewards can help make your project all the more memorable.


Looking for help thinking some up? These example can be used as inspiration for your own project :


Momento. Give different type of credit to your supporters, from mentioning them on social media to putting their names on the product itself. Share photos, updates and cool stuff with them.

Merchandise. Reward them with cups, t-shirts and other cool collectables (who wouldn’t love an original Apple t-shirt today?).

Product. Offer an exclusive first run of your product or service (also known as pre-orders). Do this just for a limited time or amount to spark demand.

Early Access. Grant access to a few to be your first users.

Customization. Enhance users experience by providing personal options such as engraving, color choice, etc.

Subscription. This is a great idea for businesses with membership models.

Meet & Greet. Have fans come and meet you and your team, offices, etc.

Participation or Collaboration. Let your project supporter become a character in your film, name a flavor after them, … If you are targeting experienced professionals, you might even want to invite them to collaborate in deciding the future of the project.

Creative experience. Have backers come to your launch party, give them access to backstage, throw a special gathering for them… The possibilities are endless.


2. Make your project attractive through an eye-catching profile photo


Example 1 :



We recommend doing the following things if you want to create a great project:


3. Interact with people before the project launch


Achieve early momentum by “soft launching” your campaign:


Most of the support will come from people that you know. So just spread out your project to your friends, family, relatives and co-worker that you think would be interested and supportive in your project to create pre-launch buzz.


4. Fully utilize first 48 hours


First 48 hours is crucial when running a project. Your should start promoting your page and getting early supporter as early as possible. New launch project will gain the popularity with  

planning the project promotion before launch. It will help you make the most of your first 48 hours.


5. Share your project on Facebook & Instagram


Sharing on Facebook & instagram is the best way to promote your project to those closest to you, and let them know more about your project. Close friends and family will be the ones most willing to support, and also more likely to share your project with others. You may ask your friends and family to “Like” and share your project on their facebook page. This is a free publicity for your project and increase donations. It is important to add a great description when you share and explaining why your project means so much to you. A simple, direct and heart touching message will get views from others.


The initial 20% of funding usually come from your friends and family. Projects with 20% initial support from project creator’s friends and family are more likely to be succeed.



6. Share your link through email and other social networks likes twitter, wechat.


Apart of sharing on Facebook, you may also spread out your project through email and any other social networks that you are active on the communities.


If your project is donation-based and didn’t have attractive perks for donors, you should have a heartfelt story to convey people feel great about contributing. The more you can make their participation seem like a reward in and meaningful, the more likely they willing to share, contribute to your project, and make others want join in too.


Choose the media networks that best match your marketing strategies and where your potential supporters are most likely to be found. Don’t forget to customize your promotion to suit each platform too.





Comments tab is an useful communication platform between you and your supporters. It works as a customer service kiosk unique to your project. Every comment submitted from supporters is an opportunity to engage with your community. It serves as an invaluable tool for ensuring you keep your funders happy. You may get all good and bad comments about your project through comments tab. Try respond to all comments in a polite, friendly, and informative manner. Comments tab able to build good reputation and community that ideally be with you for the long haul.


8. Update your backers


Always keep your project status up to date. Backers and followers love to know how their donations are working for you. Remember to update the progress of your project by posting frequently on ‘Update Messages’ to your project. Make sure that you also post your update to social medias, like Facebook, Wechat and Twitter.


9. Grabbing the media’s attention for your crowdfunding campaign


Identify a newsworthy aspect of your campaign and contact relevant journalists. Generate a list of bloggers, reporters and journalists who are writing about topics relevant to your campaign. Crawl through Google search results, newspapers and magazines. Find them on Facebook, LinkedIn to check if you share connections with them. Contact them and see if they’re interested in your story. They’re more likely to write about your campaign if they have covered crowdfunding campaigns before or if your campaign builds on the writer’s previous coverage.