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Project Categories Guideline


Science & Technology

A platform for creative inventors. Here you will find your first evaluation users, agents, partners and potential investors. Example likes Smartwatch, Smart Furniture, Robots, Selfie remote controller, 3D printers, new software, new phone Apps and game more.


From novels to magazines, share your ideas with the world and bring your project to life. Examples : online and traditional journals, magazines, blog sponsorship and comics.



Everything about films, music, dance, video, concert. From new albums to reissues, from one-off DIY shows to enormous opera performances.


Art & Design helps to make your design idea a reality. Inspired design and DIY products for home, work and leisure. Handmade goods, one-of-a-kind jewelry, paintings, digital works, clothing, wall art, and so much more.



Whether you’re a chef with big plans or a food lover with an amazing family cookies recipe, through you can help bring it to life. Bread, small goods, craft, boutique coffee roasts, mobile food truck and many others.



Events - repeating workshops, seminars, networking. Support the environmentalist community in their effort to crowdfund for environment change. More event examples like health care talk, depression recovery talk , blood donation, charity run and healthy community acitvities.


Agricultural providing Internet service platform for new farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs to fund their projects. We welcome the highland tea, organic farm products, ecological leisure farm or agricultural-related products and services. You may reward backers with agricultural products, homestay or visits to enjoy the experience of a day outskirts life.  



We welcome charity organizations, company and individuals to launch creative donation project. Here, with the dreams and story, telling your potential backers together you can helping those who need. Example likes : orphanage, nursing home, and school.


Picture2.pngMicro Business And Startup

Retails, backpacker hotel, boutiqeue hotel, fitness centre, and other form of entreprenuership starter are welcome to fund your business here. Here is a solution to raise your business capital and access to your first batch of users.



Unique Experience

Want to enjoy a day of fantastic itinerary? Under this category, you can find infinite fun, interesting and unforgettable experience project. You may reward backers for outdoor camping experience, sailing experience and more.